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Our Season 2023-24 continues during the summer with social chess.

We have ended the season with over 25 members with several new players coming to join the club over the period.

We take part in two chess leagues – Suffolk County Chess Association League and Bury St Edmunds Area Chess League. Our players also play in some other matches including rapid play of 30 minutes each. So pleanty of opportunities to go beyond Social Chess. We also have an internal competition which keeps us busy too. Our core activity is social chess which we enjoy at the Rookery Bowling Club. Please come and play! If you don’t know much about chess we can get you started!

Street Chess Day Saturday 13 July 2024

Last year we held our Street Chess Day in August . This year it will be on Saturday 13 July 2024. Please come and visit our stand and have a game of chess; if you wish to try the club that’s easy, and it won’t cost you anything.

The one last year was our second successful open day with lots of interest from the visitors to the market square many of whom enjoyed a game of Chess during lovely weather!

We also gained at least one new player, Since then new players – adults and juniors have stared to come along with a variety of experience in playing the game. One thing we do is help with guidance so players can gradually improve their game.

Chess Club Street Chess Day October 2022

It was a bright, sunny day. People came along to see us at the Market Place in Stowmarket and enjoyed playing chess and had a chat with out members who told them about our club. We have not been well known in the town, but now we have had one successful day like this we hope to arrange more out door chess in the future and welcome more people to the club. Experienced players and beginners are all welcome!

Following the successful Street Chess Day last year the club held another one on August 19 2023. We had some great games of chess with many visitors coming to see us and some had a game of chess too. There will more on this with some pictures soon.

Hello World

Just a trial posting

Hello All, David Green just taking some tentative steps to add an article to our new website.

Best wishes to All and my thanks to Steve Lovell for making this all possible.

(Steve added the “Hello World” title)

How to play like a GM

This is a pretend “news” item. It’s not a real story and won’t really provide any advice to budding players. However, it will demo some features of this website, include a featured image and a playable chess game.