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Membership Fees

We charge an annual membership fee to help us cover our running costs. The membership season is from September.

Adult Membership Fee £ 36 per year
Junior Membership Fee £24.00 per year
Unwaged £18.00 per year


We have a constitution to which all members agree when the join this chess club. Currently this is found by a quick search on this site.

Joining the ECF

The English Chess Federation (ECF) are the National Governing Body for chess in England. If you play in league or cup competitions, you’ll be required to join the ECF in addition to the club. The process for joining the ECF, along with the costs and details of membership benefits can be found on the ECF website. If you like to play in matches, then you need to join the ECF which manages the Grading. This is important when trying to match players fairly for their match games. If you don’t have a grade, you can be awarded a provisonal grade so you can get started. Please ask at the club about how this is done.